Canada paid a premium to get COVID-19 vaccine doses from Pfizer earlier than planned

NDP health critic Don Davies said he's frustrated that the committee's order for unredacted documents was ignored.

"After months of dogged work the opposition finally got Canada's vaccine contracts," he said on Twitter. "Predictably, Liberals released them late on a Friday with barely a week left in the session. Predictably, they redacted them in violation of the House Order."

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Canadian Health Minister Resists Florida’s Plan to Import Cheaper Pharmaceuticals Amidst Concerns Over Drug Supply

NDP MP Don Davies has suggested that the Canadian government should establish a public manufacturer of critical medications and vaccines to ensure the stability of the nation’s drug supply. This move could safeguard against potential shortages and disruptions caused by external factors, such as foreign importation plans.

Federal health minister says he won't allow Florida to 'pillage' the drug supply

NDP MP Don Davies, the party's health critic, said drug shortages have "long been a serious problem in Canada." Citing past shortages of things like EpiPens and children's pain medication, he said Ottawa should establish a "public manufacturer" of critical medications and vaccines.

Davies also said Canada "should not be allowing the export of medicines to the U.S. unless we have a stable supply for domestic use."

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