Don Delivers Turkeys to Needy Families for Easter

Don helping Collingwood Neighbourhood House Deliver Turkeys to families in need for the Easter Holiday. 

Neighbourhood Houses have been a great help to our community throughout this pandemic. They have done a terrific job providing food boxes to needy families and seniors.

Do you know someone in need or want to give back by volunteering?

Click here to for more information on Little Mountain's Program

Click here for more information on Collingwood's Program 

Click here for more information on Cedar Cottage's Program

Townhall: Public Health Care in Canada and the US: A Matter of Justice

The United States and Canada have very different systems of health care. Americans are currently fighting to expand health care with a system of single-payer Medicare for All. Canadians pride themselves on their public healthcare system, but there are still many gaps to be addressed.
Join labour leaders and progressive politicians for a discussion on how we can work together to build the public health care systems of the 21st century. We will explore the past, present and future of public health care on both sides of the border.