MPs defeat Pierre Poilievre-backed anti-vaccine mandate bill

NDP MP Don Davies, the party's health critic, said Poilievre has peddled "misinformation" about this legislation.

The bill would only ban COVID-19 mandates — but some Conservative Party literature has suggested it would prevent future vaccine mandates.

While agreeing with the Conservatives' claim that Trudeau and the Liberals "politicized" Canada's pandemic response, Davies said passing this legislation could tie the hands of the government if COVID-19 returns as a pressing public health threat.

Davies said the decision to impose a vaccine requirement should "always be based on the best available evidence, current science and advice of experts," not Conservative MPs "with little or no background in any of those things."

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Canadian Health Minister Resists Florida’s Plan to Import Cheaper Pharmaceuticals Amidst Concerns Over Drug Supply

NDP MP Don Davies has suggested that the Canadian government should establish a public manufacturer of critical medications and vaccines to ensure the stability of the nation’s drug supply. This move could safeguard against potential shortages and disruptions caused by external factors, such as foreign importation plans.

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NDP MP Don Davies, the party's health critic, said drug shortages have "long been a serious problem in Canada." Citing past shortages of things like EpiPens and children's pain medication, he said Ottawa should establish a "public manufacturer" of critical medications and vaccines.

Davies also said Canada "should not be allowing the export of medicines to the U.S. unless we have a stable supply for domestic use."

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