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Vancouver Kingsway is a shining example of the best that Canada can be: a vibrant community of people from all corners of the world living, working and thriving together.

Our diversity, creativity and harmony are truly our strength.

It is an honour to represent our interests in Parliament.

From creating the sustainable economy of tomorrow to building truly affordable housing to improving our health care system, I know that we can achieve much more by working together.

The goal of this website is to keep you up-to-date on the latest work that I'm doing in Parliament on your behalf and provide you with access to federal resources available through my constituency office.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss any federal issue of concern or if you need help with any federal department.

I look forward to building a better Canada for everyone, together.

Don Davies MP

Vancouver Kingsway

Latest News

New West-Burnaby MP launches national push for pharmacare

New West-Burnaby MP launches national push for pharmacare

NDP Health Critic Don Davies noted that Bill C-213 follows the recommendations set out in the government's own Hoskins' Report and has laid out the necessary criteria for provinces to receive funding under the program. 

"According to the Parliamentary Budget Officer, this plan would make pharmacare available to all Canadians, create many efficiencies and save more than $4.2 billion in prescription costs every year,” said Davies.

Letter to the Minister Re: CEBA Loan Eligibility Issue

Letter to the Minister Re: CEBA Loan Eligibility Issue

Too many businesses are being excluded from the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) because contracts after March 01, 2020 are not included in the $40,000 expenses required to access the loan.
As one constituent has pointed out to me, businesses did not begin feeling the effects of COVID-19 until well after March 01, 2020. In fact, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government did not create a committee to begin studying the possible effects of COVID-19 until March 04, 2020. The WHO did not officially declare COVID-19 a pandemic until March 11, 2020, and the Prime Minister did not close Canada’s borders until March 16, 2020.
Business owners in my constituency, and across Canada, have sacrificed much during COVID-19, and they should be supported by their government. It is a certainty that there are others in similar situations to my constituent, and it is for this reason that I am requesting a change in the CEBA eligibility to allow for expenses beyond the current March 01, 2020 deadline.
Read my letter to Minister Freeland here:

NDP Critic says Tories aren't solely to blame for problems at Public Health Agency

Ottawa’s math is being challenged after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested this week that problems at the Public Health Agency of Canada are due largely to a lack of support by the previous government, not his own.