Climate change is the defining issue of our times.

If we don’t act on climate change soon the collapse of our ecosystems and the extinction of many of the species on our planet are imminent. It’s time for governments to dispense with rhetoric and empty promises.

We need real action on climate change - now. That means implementing solutions for clean energy and transitioning away from a fossil fuel economy. But while we do this, we must ensure that workers aren’t left behind.

We need urgent, effective action to save our planet.

We need practical solutions that don’t leave people behind.

We need a Green New Deal for Canada.

Don's Green New Deal Town Hall

Don's Green New Deal Town Hall Meeting


Don Davies and the NDP have a plan that includes:


  • Setting ambitious targets and meeting them. Revising Canada’s pollution targets so they’re in line with what scientists say is needed to stop dangerous climate change – and then holding ourselves to hitting them with regular audits and public transparency.
  • Creating good jobs across the country. Creating at least 300,000 new jobs building the clean energy future that will support families and bring local work to communities across the country – and providing the training and supports that workers need.
  • Kickstarting clean energy by stopping fossil fuel subsidies. Canadians are paying the price while big polluters profit. Ending oil and gas company subsidies means we can invest in renewable energy, and get Canada powered by net carbon-free electricity by 2030.
  • Saving you money while building for the future.By making all new buildings in Canada energy efficient by 2030, and retrofitting existing buildings by 2050, we can make a big dent in climate change and save families $900 or more every year.
  • Cheaper, cleaner, more convenient transit.Changing the way we get around by moving to 100% electric transit and free public transit, investing in high speed rail, and bringing back critical rural and northern transit routes.
  • Zero-emission vehicles. We’ll make it easier to get and use Canadian-made zero-emission vehicles by making them more affordable, and build a network of charging stations across the country so nothing will slow you down.
  • Protecting our communities by investing in our communities. Extreme weather conditions like floods and forest fires are threatening people’s homes and jobs. From farming to forestry, supporting community climate action and energy projects will protect families and boost local economies.
  • No more single-use plastic. Plastic pollution threatens our oceans, our wildlife, and our health. It’s time to make plastic bags, cutlery, and other one-use items a thing of the past.
  • Supporting Indigenous leadership in climate action. Working together with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis as full and equal partners is critical to the fight against climate change. Indigenous communities are on the front lines, dealing with the impacts of climate change every day, and are best placed to protect cultural and biological diversity through control over their territory

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