High-speed Internet and cellular services are essential in 2019.

In today’s connected world, having access to a phone and high-speed internet is a necessity for people. These services are essential for quality of life. whether for work, at home or in between.


  • For small businesses and entrepreneurs, reliable access to broadband internet can be the difference between success and bankruptcy.
  • For teachers and parents, these services impact the quality of our kids’ education.
  • For health care providers and social services, reliable connections can help save people’s lives.



But Canadians pay some of the highest prices in the world for service that’s far from reliable – all while the telecom companies rake in billions in profits and subsidies. While the prices Canadians pay skyrocket, the profits of the “Big Five” telecom companies in 2017 totalled $7.49 billion. And their profit margins have reached an astonishing 38.3 per cent.  Canadian telecoms companies make more revenue, per gigabyte of data, than companies anywhere else in the world.

For decades, Liberals  and Conservatives have let these corporate giants take advantage of Canadians. We need a government with the courage to stand up to telecom companies. That’s why the Don Davies and the NDP will:


  1. Introduce introduce a price cap to force the big companies to treat customers fairly and lower your bill.
  2. Require companies to provide a basic plan for wireless and broadband services.
  3. End data caps for broadband Internet and mandate unlimited data plans at affordable rates for wireless.
  4. Create a Telecom Consumers’ Bill of Rights to protect Canadians from price-gouging and outrageous sales tactics.


It’s time for a government that puts people ahead of telecom company profits.

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