NDP Health Critic’s Statement on Budget 2022

Don Davies, NDP Health critic, issued the following statement: 

We are very pleased to see a full fiscal commitment to implement the NDP’s dental care plan in Budget 2022. The increasing amounts allocated for each year through 2027 will ensure we can bring comprehensive dental coverage to millions of Canadians. This represents the single largest expansion of public healthcare in Canada in over 50 years. 

We are also pleased to see the commitment to the universal Pharmacare plan negotiated in the confidence and supply agreement fully articulated in the Budget. We will continue working for proper resources to be provided to establish the Canadian Drug Agency and deliver the formulary for essential medicine and national bulk buying program by 2025. 

New Democrats believe our healthcare system is under great strain and long-term federal funding is required to stabilize, sustain and fortify services across Canada. Budget 2022’s commitment for funds to address surgical and diagnostic backlogs and to create a dedicated Mental Health Transfer are positive steps in this direction.   We will continue to call on the federal government to address its declining share of healthcare spending in Canada and work with the provinces and territories toward the equal fiscal partnership that Medicare originally envisioned. 

Other constructive Budget measures include expanded support for primary health providers in underserved areas, increased funds for Canada’s strategic emergency stockpile and surveillance systems, and piloting of a project to address menstrual equity. 

While we are happy to see a commitment to establish a National School Food Policy in Budget 2022, the failure to allocate funding to this important health prevention, education and social justice program is a missed opportunity. Similarly, the lack of action on national endometriosis and perinatal mental health strategies, respectively, is disappointing. 

New Democrats will continue to work positively and constructively to build the quality, comprehensive, public healthcare system that Canadians want and deserve.


For more information, please contact: 

604-775-6263 or [email protected]

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