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    For the first time there are more new COVID-19 cases outside of China than within China. This is a concerning development. Canadians deserve clear answers from their government on its plans to deal with a potential outbreak here in Canada.

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    NDP says pharmacare talks with Liberals are now focused on who pays for what

    The future of the NDP's supply-and-confidence deal with the Liberals could hinge on competing proposals for pharmacare legislation the parties exchanged over the weekend, NDP health critic Don Davies said Tuesday.

    Davies said that one of the last issues still outstanding in the bipartisan negotiations on pharmacare has to do with who pays for the medication — private and public insurers or the federal government as the sole price negotiator and buyer.

    Singh mulls ‘consequences’ if pharmacare deadline isn’t met

    On his way into question period, NDP health critic Don Davies said the reason for the holdup is that Liberals won’t “commit” to a single-payer system for pharmacare.

    “We’ve insisted that is a cornerstone of the program,” added Davies. “They’ve been resistant.”

    “It’s the fairest, most efficient, and most effective way of delivering pharmaceuticals to Canadians,” he said.

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