NDP Health Critic calls for immediate federal action to address Canada’s health care crisis 

VANCOUVER – New Democrat Health Critic Don Davies (Vancouver Kingsway) today called for immediate federal action to address the crisis in Canada’s health care system. 

Canada’s health care system is under unprecedented strain due to decades of federal underfunding,” said Davies. “Emergency rooms are overwhelmed, health care workers are burning out, millions of Canadians lack access to a family doctor and patients are facing massive backlogs for surgeries, diagnostics, and other procedures."

“Conservative Premiers are now using this crisis as an excuse for privatization,” added Davies. “This means line-skipping for the rich, a drain on workers from the public system, and longer wait times for everyone else. It is a frontal assault on our public health care system that will make an already bad situation worse, and it must be stopped in its tracks.” 

Davies is calling for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to immediately forge an agreement that protects and strengthens Canada’s public health care system. 

“It’s good that the Prime Minister has finally agreed to sit down at the table with the provinces,” said Davies. “This is a national crisis that demands an urgent response, and both levels of government have to compromise and work together."

“The federal government must come to the table with significant new funding. But equally, the provinces must be willing to accept accountability measures,” noted Davies.  

“Above all, a basic rule for any additional federal health care transfers must be that public dollars go to public care – and the federal government shouldn’t hesitate to withhold federal transfers to any province who violates the Canada Health Act.” 

Through their Confidence and Supply Agreement with the government, the NDP forced the Liberals to agree to provide additional ongoing investments to address pressures on Canada’s health care system. Davies stated that New Democrats plan to use every tool at their disposal to enforce this provision in the coming sitting of Parliament. 

“Canadians deserve a health care system that is world-class, timely, and accessible for all,” concluded Davies. “We know we can deliver it.” 

“New Democrats will continue to push hard for a new health accord that protects, strengthens and expands public health care across Canada.” 


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For more information, please contact: 


Office of Don Davies, MP  


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