COVID-19 Travel Restriction Guide

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions—Here’s What You Need to Know:

This page is intended to serve as a quick reference guide. Please note that travel restrictions and circumstances may change quickly. We encourage you to read through the webpages linked on this page.

This page was last updated on July 6, 2021.

Vaccinated travellers entering Canada

You may qualify for certain exemptions to quarantine and testing requirements if you:


Those who meet the requirements may be exempt from:

  • Quarantine
  • Hotel stopover (for air travellers)
  • Day-8 testing requirement


There are no exceptions for partially-vaccinated travellers.


For more information:

Whether you’re driving or flying, you will need:

  • A pre-entry COVID-19 test
  • A 14-day quarantine plan
    • If you’re flying, you will first need to arrange your pre-paid 3-day hotel stay at a government authorized hotel
  • To register with ArriveCAN to submit your travel and quarantine plans


For more information for driving:

For more information for flying:


Getting tested to enter Canada (mandatory for ages 5+):

  • Your test must be taken within 72 hours of your entry into Canada
  • Keep your proof of test results for the 14-day quarantine period
  • Your test result must include:
    • Traveller name and date of birth
    • Name and civic address of the location that administered the test
    • The date on which the test was completed
    • The type of test completed
    • The test result


For more information for driving:

For more information for flying:


Getting your arrival testing at the airport:

  • You will be required to take a test before leaving the airport
  • At that time, you may get a home test kit to use for your test on Day-8 of your mandatory quarantine.
    • Following the arrival test, you will need to go directly to your reserved hotel to await test results.


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What to expect for your 3-night hotel stay:

  • You must ensure that you have a confirmed booking at a government-authorized hotel before boarding a flight coming to Canada.
  • Only people who live in the same household may stay in the same hotel room if travelling together.
  • To get to your hotel, take the transportation services provided by your reserved hotel. Refer to your hotel reservation for details.
  • If you receive a negative result on your arrival test, you may check out of the hotel and go directly to your quarantine location to complete the remainder of your quarantine. You must have a suitable plan for your quarantine.


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You may be exempt from the mandatory quarantine requirements under certain conditions, including if you:

  • provide essential services
  • maintain the flow of essential goods or people
  • are receiving medical care within 36 hours of entering Canada (non-related to COVID-19)
  • regularly cross the border to work (pattern of travel which is generally defined as daily or weekly)
  • are a student who regularly crosses the border to attend school (one or more days a week)
  • live in an integrated trans-border community


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For more information:


If you a permanent resident coming back into Canada:

  • You will need your PR or PRTD card at the border crossing, and then will need to follow the mandatory quarantine procedure
    • If your PR card is expired or about to expire renew it before you leave, as you can only renew your card in Canada
    • If you don’t get your new PR card in time, you must apply for a PRTD once you’re outside of Canada, and then renew your PR card when you return to Canada
    • If you’re already outside Canada without a valid PR card, you need to apply for a PRTD to return


For more information:


If you are abroad and have COVID-19 symptoms or are diagnosed with COVID-19:

  • You should follow the advice and instructions of local public health authorities
  • Seek medical attention if required
  • Contact the closest Government of Canada office if you need consular help


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